The first ETC system in Indonesia will be implemented by Tecsidel

For the first time in Indonesia, AB TECHNOLOGY HOLDINGS PTE LTD will install the Tecsidel ETC system (Electronic Toll Collection) on the Waru - Juanda highway in Surabaya and the Lingkar - Luar highway in Jakarta, Indonesia. For this innovative project, they have chosen Tecsidel and its wide international experience in this type of solutions.

The first phase of this project consists of the provision, implementation and commissioning of the Toll System with different technologies and payment means:

• Type 1 mixed lane: Cash and RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification). RFID technology allows the identification and monitoring of the TAG installed in the vehicle by using radio waves, whose frequency ranges around 900 MHz. The passive TAG is often chosen by concessionaires because of its low cost compared to the DSRC active TAG.

• Type 2 mixed lane: Tap Card (Contactless) and DSRC (Dedicated Short Range Communication). DSRC is a short to midrange wireless communication channel that operates on the 5.9 GHz wireless spectrum with 75 MHz bandwidth. DSRC is designed specifically for automotive use and a corresponding set of protocols and standards. Active TAGs have a local power source as a battery and can operate hundreds of meters from the DSRC reader.

The purpose of this project is to show to the Indonesian government the technological effectiveness of Tecsidel ETC systems for a future migration of all toll plazas in the country. This decision would become a turning point in the evolution of Indonesian infrastructure, since Electronic Tolling has many advantages.

The ETC system increases user comfort and safety during payment and drastically reduces the level of error in transactions and traffic congestion. Nowadays there are a lot of countries that count on this state-of-the-art Tecsidel solution.