I+D+i: VIPMAT (Vehicle to Infrastructure Platform for Mobility Accounting and Tracking)

VIPMAT is an experimental development project that Tecsidel carries out individually with funding granted by the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI), under the Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities, within the CERVERA Technology Transfer project program (IDI-20191279) where the collaboration of the i2CAT Foundation technology center takes place.

The project aims to build the prototype of a platform for accounting and monitoring the mobility of the vehicle connected to the infrastructure. This platform implements the automatic data exchange between connected vehicles and free-flow control points (without the need to stop the vehicle), providing the innovation of using CAV (Connected Autonomous Vehicles) / V2X type wireless communications. (Vehicle to Everything), in order to achieve a high volume of data exchanged that includes information about the vehicle itself relative to the route, passengers and goods transported, intended for the digitized characterization of mobility services in the MaaS field (Mobility as a Service). Among the contexts related to these services are:

  • payment for the use of road infrastructure so that it is possible to calculate the corresponding amount from currently not available data with usual tolling devices,

  • the measurement of the environmental impact of the vehicle passing through a control point according to real time metrics provided by the vehicle itself,

  • the characterization of traffic, vehicle to vehicle detailed unitarily,

  • the control of passengers and / or goods transported by the vehicle, as well as their routes.

Based on the communication capacity between the vehicle and the control point that VIPMAT provides, processes that would otherwise require stopping and / or inspecting the vehicle can be automated.

The V2I (Vehicle to Infrastructure) wireless communications that VIPMAT includes are mainly carried out by devices:

  • RSE (Road Side Equipment), to be installed at certain control points located in fixed interlocks (gantries, pergolas, posts) or in surveillance vehicles, connected to a central road or MaaS management system.

  • OBU (On Board Unit) aboard the vehicle, dedicated to data capture and transmission. These data are obtained from various sources such as the OBD2 interface for diagnosis that the vehicle itself incorporates, the GPS geolocation data device or administrative information entered by the user / driver through a smartphone-like mobile terminal connected to this device.

Tecsidel faces the realization of this project from its experience and its knowledge of toll systems and ITS, undertaking the software development of new interfaces, prototypes protocols and algorithms. The contribution of the i2CAT Foundation technology center focuses on activities related to the selection of hardware, the design of the firmware of the most physical levels of the V2I communication protocols involved, as well as the validation of the prototype of the VIPMAT platform.