Tecsidel was founded in 1979 with the primary objective of providing IT services to Spanish companies with an international vocation.

Over the years, Tecsidel has developed a process of internationalisation, diversification and expertise, specializing in three large business lines:

  • . Toll systems and ITS
  • . Logistics systems
  • . IT Solutions

Thus, Tecsidel consolidated a business structure that has grown rapidly providing service to a very important group of customers, both national and international.


Tecsidel SA originated in a group of experts related to a French Company Tecsi Software S.A. of which several Spanish employees were shareholders and a small Spanish company, Microsoft S.A., specializing in the development of systems for microprocessors.


Tecsidel, S.A was founded as a subsidiary of the French company Tecsi Software SA.

In its early years, Tecsidel focussed on Telephone Switching Systems for Alcatel in France and USA.


The French multi-national group GSI was created, as a spin-off of Alcatel’s activities, of which Tecsi Software and Tecsidel formed part.

Tecsidel started to specialize in the development of new toll systems for Acesa in Spain.


The international experience acquired working for Alcatel enabled Tecsidel to start working with the R&D Department of Telefónica, converting it into one of the main providers of the telephone company.


GSI integrated into the North American company ADP ("Advanced data processing").


The managers and employees themselves bought ADP, thereby changing the shareholder model of Tecsidel and it became an independent company.


The office of Tecsidel do Brazil was inaugurated in São Paulo. The primary objective was to become the suppliers of the subsidiary of Telefónica I+D in Brazil and raise the toll turnover that it had had with Ecovias since 1999.


An international expansion plan was initiated, obtaining presence in Chile and Argentina in Logistics Systems.


The Brazil subsidiary expanded greatly driven by the toll system and ITS projects.

Exports reached 54% of the total turnover.


Subsidiaries were set up in Mexico and Norway to attend to toll system and ITS projects and consolidate the business in the other areas.

The expansion of the Logistics System business was initiated in Brazil.


A subsidiary was set up in India.


Opening of new markets: Latin America (Peru and Bolivia), Central America (Guatemala, Honduras and Panama), Europe (Sweden), Asia (Tajikistan), and Africa (Guinea and Senegal)


A transformation process was initiated to adapt the management and synergies to the different business lines.


Víctor Gil Casquete became the new CEO of Tecsidel.


Entering new markets: North America (USA), Asia (Thailand, Indonesia).


Acquisition by Eysa. The payment for use in infrastructures, the technology associated with logistics and transport services or the digitization of mobility, are in a moment of profound change. This transaction aims to respond to these challenges by reinforcing the integration with EYSA and in a context of numerous opportunities in a globalized world.