Outsourcing IT

Each day there are more customers are turning to the support, maintenance and development of Tecsidel, either on applications and platforms as previously developed by Tecsidel and on projects already established in the client company and from other suppliers.

The involvement of MDA expert team planning time from hours of development or function points and can understand:

  • Evolutionary, adaptive and corrective maintenance.

  • Technical support.

  • Proactive maintenance actions.

It's a collaboration of the type "service package", which requires a high degree of maturity in the client, since:

  • It is an agreement of relationship where client and provider share a reference model:

    • The client outsourced all (or part) of the life cycle of the service or application.

    • The provider assumes responsibility for these parts.

  • Establishing a Framework agreement that defines:

    • The objectives and the model of Government.

    • Levels of agreement for services and penalties.

    • Price per units of work, Base lines, volumes, etc.

    • The MDA is based on standards of development and exploitation of TI: ITIL for the whole of the process, for the production of the SW-CMMi.

These are some of the benefits obtained to outsource the maintenance and development of the Tecsidel applications:

  • Allows the customer to focus on its Core Business: delegate to a technology partner allows better use of own resources.

  • Significant and sustainable increases in productivity are achieved.

  • Achieved a greater reduction of costs:

    • Reduce costs of inefficiency (between 15% and 30%).

    • Control of expenditure. Easing.

  • It improves the quality of the service:

    • Processes and areas of responsibility are formalized.

    • Indicators and levels of service are established.

    • Penalties.

    • Adapting to the workload. Time to Market.

    • Appropriate to the needs and short production cycles.

    • Improvement of the time of production of the it systems.

  • Optimizing innovation:

    • Constant learning of best practices.

    • Access to the latest technology through qualified personnel.

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