SW OSS open source (t-QoSMOS)

t-QoSMOS (Tecsidel Quality of Service Monitoring Open Source binder) is a collection of applications Open Source designed by Tecsidel. Initially focused on the monitoring of the quality of service of telecommunication networks, it consists of the following products, in alignment with the process of Assurance of process model eTOM the TMF and the functions of management failure and the functional model of TMN performance:


Management performance (Performance Management)


Failure Failure Management management)


Management of fault and performance (Performance & Failure Management)

Tecsidel carries out a continuous process of evaluation and incorporation of new Open Source applications to t-QoSMOS based on models and POC (Proof Of Concept).

Other applications that Tecsidel incorporates in this field of monitoring are OpenNMS, ZenOSS, Xymon (Hobbit), Osmius, Pandora FMS. Other Open Source components, which have been embedded in the scenarios in which t-QoSMoS has been incorporated, the main ones being:


Network configuration management


SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Mango M2M)


Integration of data (Talend Open Studio Data Integration)


Incident management (Open-source Ticket Request System)


Management of relationship with customer (Customer Relationship Management)


Reports management


Business Intelligence

T-QoSMoS elements can be redistributed and / or modified under the terms General Public License GNU (GPL), published by Free Software Foundation, provided to extend all rights under the GPLv3 license to those who will redistribute these products.

Tecsidel has proven competencies and skills for both the installation and configuration "of the shell" of these applications to the efficient development of extensions, in order to adapt and integrate them efficiently and sustainably in the customer environment.

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