Tecsidel eArchivo

Sometimes solutions are far away from the operational reality of the file, or they are dealt with an overly technical and technological approach. The solution Tecsidel eArchivo has been designed by listening to the opinion of the people in charge of archives service, which ensures its relevance to the problems and needs.

The solution Tecsidel eArchivo has the necessary elements to support document management model defined by the client. Thanks to that, the companies may have a corporate solution for the storage and preservation of any documents, both electronic and paper.

Currently, there are a set of Laws, rules and standards that establish requirements to fulfill by document management systems. Some examples are:

  • Law 11/2007 electronic access of the citizens to public services.

  • Law 15/1999 of protection of personal data.

  • Law 59/2003 on electronic signatures.

  • Law 37/2007 of reuse of the information of the Public Sector.

  • Royal Decree 4/2010 of national interoperability scheme.

All these requirements make necessary an adaptation process, both in terms of processing and archiving, on information systems currently available.

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It is comprehensive:

  • It finds, consults and manages digital, paper and hybrid records without differences.

  • It organizes digital documents and the physical location of documents on paper or other media.

  • It defines the document management and archive policies (access, signature, conservation, retention, transfer, etc.) regardless of the support of the documents.

It can be integrated:

  • Connects to any system of organization that generate document

  • It finds, consults and manages digital, paper and hybrid records without differences..

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  • Definition of funds, files, box classification, evaluation boards, types of documentary units, access and permissions.

  • Visual form designer of archival description.

  • Transfers between files.

  • Indexed and consolidated searches between files, filter by dates, types, number and form of description fields.

  • Resealing of documents with digital signature of long duration.

  • Interoperable integration layer.

{slider advantages}

  • Regulatory compliance.

  • Improves productivity because it allows fast and easy access to documentation.

  • Cost reduction, due to the Elimination of travelling, reducing time of consultations and file tasks.

  • Decrease of errors or documents stolen, all documentation is perfectly described, classified and localized.

  • Greater safety due to the management of access and audit policies.

  • Rationalization of resources, since having a unified repository removes duplication of electronic documentation.


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