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Currently, any project of administrative modernization that has as one of its objectives the reduction of the administrative burden on citizens should pay special attention to the inter-administrative collaboration.

Thanks to the standard "deletion of certificates in support role (DCSR)", developed and promoted by the Ministry of public administration, is already possible, through network SARA, see certificates of other agencies online and in real time.

A very illustrative example is the home communication service. This service allows a national register data to a set of General Administration (AEAT, DGP, DGT, TGSS). Thus, when a citizen is empadrone at City Hall, this may provide the service communicate their data to a set of administration, preventing the citizen having to notify one by one on their own.

{slider Functionalities|closed}

  • Access to services/certificates of other administrations

  • Publication of services/certificates so that administrations may consult them, completely transparently to the complexities derived protocols, security, connectivity, etc.

  • Inclusion of a system that allows you to reflect the cooperation agreements that regulate access to certificates/services, simplifying the tasks of management services.

  • •Simple: you choose the certificate to consult, introduces the citizen data (indicating the purpose of the consultation and, where necessary, collecting the explicit approval), and gets online certificate signed digitally, without the citizen providing it.

{slider features}

  • DCSR communications module: from the functional point of view, DCSR specifies the integration between two actors: the issuer of the certificate that provides Web Services and the applicant that applies for and obtains the certificate. This is an electronically signed XML file, built according to a certain scheme.

  • Application of user DCSR: tecsidel eGov provides an application layer that unfolds on the DCSR module and which allows users access to an environment for consultation and administration of certificates which will be authorized requesting organization. It consists of two different modules, according to the profile of the user who has access:

  • Administration and supervision of services DCSR.

  • Querying certificates and access to services

{slider advantages}

  • Avoid the travelling of citizens and streamlines administrative processes.

  • Processing entirely electronic.

  • Optimization of administrative processes.



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