Tecsidel eSnt

ESNT is a system developed by Tecsidel electronic notifications to the use of electronic reporting to replace the traditional notification emails.

The use of the electronic medium in the case of notifications is a important cost saving. You just have to look at the unit cost of each notification on paper to assess the impact of the implementation of such a system.

Tecsidel, with its focus on product, has created a highly modulated and uncoupled Software that allows to reach the needs of clients interested in notifications telematic Software for this project.

{slider Functionalities|closed}

  • Provision of a mailbox for every citizen.

  • Creation and monitoring of notifications by public employees.

{slider features}

  • multiple institutions, allowing to send notifications to more than one organization.

  • Customization of image of the mailbox, e-mail notification, logos, resource, etc

  • Generation of electronic evidence (acceptance and rejection).

{slider advantages}

  • Ensures regulatory compliance.

  • Help improve productivity because it allows automated dispatching and tracking.

  • Reduction of costs due to the elimination of the notification by post.


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