Tecsidel ITS Plus

Tecsidel ITS Plussolution is asystem of traffic management that covers monitoring, control and management of traffic. Through a series of tools, software and hardware, this solutionis able to integrate devicesinstalled on lanes, different systems and subsystems together,optimizing the exploitationof resources and the communication with the management centre.


{slider High level of security|closed}

It gives data acquisition and management in each subsystems to highest levels control center operators: Variable Message Signs (VMS), video cameras (CCTV), traffic counters (ATCC), SOS posts, weather stations etc. This enables a more secure circulation on the lanes and allows a timely and expeditious response to any incident occurring with greater operation efficiency.

{slider Modular and scalable architecture}

The different hardware components interact with different layers that make up the business logic. While some applications process data in real time, others process these data to generate reports on the state of the traffic later.

{slider Rapid diagnostics}

It allows the rapid detection of problems and ensures a high efficiency in the staff of the control centers to provide instant response. The system is equipped with a fixed information registration where it is possible to access to the telephone numbers of hospitals, fire brigade etc. and to the nearest address, guaranteeing a fast response in case of accidents.

{slider Friendly graphic interfaces}

Reliability, robustness and simplicity by providing the information to the operator of the application through a user friendly chart without complex iconography that helps to make clear what, when and where each event that is displayed occurs.

{slider Versatility}

We facilitate and encourage customer technicians (which then will be the operators of systems) to join the development education and training as a team. It is also feasible to modify the solution according to the requirements and the particular needs of each station.

{slider High-level management}

Tecsidel ITS Plus system can manage the following functions: acquisition and management of data devices, management of message signs, parts management, management of templates, management of users and their profiles (operator, supervisor, etc.), reports historical management and incident management. In addition, it can also manage the acquisition of data from other external systems such as tolls and vehicle fleets.


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