Tecsidel is IBM Business Partner and IBM Service Provider, and has consultants certified in different components of the Tivoli Suite ( software/tivoli)

  1. Asset management: IBM Maximo Asset Management, IBM maximum Configuration Manager, IBM maximum Contract and Procurement Manager

  2. Configuration and change management: TADDM (Tivoli Application Dependency Discovery Manager), TCCMD, etc.

  3. Performance and network management: Netcool Omnibus, Tivoli Network Manager (ITNM), Netcool Proviso, Netcool Impact, etc.

  4. Service level management: Tivoli Business Service Manager (TBSM), Tívoli SLA, Tívoli SQM, etc.

  5. Availability and performance of applications: ITM (Tivoli Monitoring)

  6. Security: Tivoli Identity and Access manager, Tivoli Directory Server, etc.

Prime Business Partner relationship with IBM allows Tecsidel supply licences and their corresponding "Annual Maintenance Renewals" related to the software of the Tivoli brand, always with the intervention of a wholesaler in the string associated with this supply, between IBM and Tecsidel.

Licences to supply amounts are calculated according to units of the product involved, the computation of these units is different according to the nature of the project. The type of customer (customer band) that the end user of the product belongs according to criteria established by IBM involved in this computation.

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