Outsourcing and professional services

Tecsidel provides specialist services of Expert Technical Assistance (ATE) given by engineers belonging to its Competence Centres. The engineers provided by Tecsidel integrate with the customer’s team to execute a specific project that is determined beforehand. It is a development model of the Time & Material type provided by expert professional profiles who work with the support of the Tecsidel Competence Centres on a rate per day basis.

The Competence Centres are teams that are expert in a particular field of strategic knowledge with a critical cross-functional application. The centres coordinate and complement tasks that are performed, reducing redundancies and increasing efficiency.

The customer decides on how the resources are to be used, accepting total responsibility for managing part of the business. The Tecsidel Expert Technical Assistance is not a commodity; its differential value is found in the following:

  • . ICT specialists with a wide range of experience.
  • . High level of expertise.
  • . Competence Centres supporting interaction with customer.
  • . In-staff stability.
  • . On-going training.
  • . Good cost-experience relation.

Tecsidel has an excellent track record in services managed for all kinds of applications and platforms, its own and third-party: Audit and Assessment, Support, Maintenance, Evolutions and Enhancements, Monitoring of Services and Tuning, and so forth.

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