Stop & Go Toll

The Stop & Go toll is the conventional toll that comprises individual lanes dedicated to the toll collection. Tecsidel offers different Stop & Go toll solutions:

Manual toll

Requires the stop of the vehicle when it passes by the toll plaza. The toll fee corresponding to each vehicle is collected by an operator from a tollbooth. The operator uses different payment modalities: cash (coins or notes), bank cards, coupons, and so forth.

Tecsidel supplies top quality devices for the complete vigilance and control in real time with traceability of the information. With the software, the vehicle’s trajectory, the transactions and possible incidents during collections are recorded.

Automatic toll

This is the system designed by Tecsidel that incorporates automatic toll payment machines (ATPM). These flexible and ergonomic terminals are completely automated (they do not require the intervention of any operator during the payment), they can be configured at one or two levels and accept several toll functions, such as toll collection (configurable for different conventional payment methods), the issue of entry tickets and access point functions.

Electronic toll

The ETC (Electronic Toll Collection) system incorporates antennae into the lane with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) or DSRC (Dedicated Short Range Communication) technology to communicate with the electronic device (TAG, OBU) installed in the vehicle. This connection permits automatic toll payments without having to stop the vehicle.

Mixed toll

This solution combines the conventional toll system (manual and automatic) with the electronic.

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