Mission and Values

Tecsidel has always had three clear goals:


To satisfy customers helping them to achieve their results while providing a top quality service.


To be the national and international company of reference in the provision of expert solutions in its 3 business areas.


To be acknowledged for the quality and efficiency of its solutions and the capacity of innovation of its highly qualified team.

To reach these goals, Tecsidel has developed an ethics code that prevails over all the actions taken by the company.

Tecsidel is governed by the following values:


Efficiency and commitment are the values that impregnate all corners of the company. Tecsidel becomes the customer’s technological partner, thereby sharing the same goals. All its actions are orientated to achieve results and their sustainability.

Sense of belonging

The motivation of its employees placed at the service of the company’s goals contributes to adding value to the organization.

Commitment to the customer

The search for excellence is present in all company departments and is the driving force of all the services it provides.


An entrepreneurial spirit always seeks innovation and continuous improvement. Tecsidel team is proactive and strives to propose and develop ideas to encourage competition and the future of the company.



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