Logistics Systems

The Tecsidel Logistics Systems unit is specialized in developing solutions, its main goal is to contribute to the logistic efficiency of its customers, thereby improving their results. All Tecsidel solutions cover the needs of manufacturers, distributors and logistics operators regardless of the activity they pursue.

The key points to success for customers being able to handle their logistics projects safely and being satisfied are:

  • . A highly qualified team.
  • . Leading edge products with continuous R&D.
  • . A meticulous methodology.
  • . A helpdesk without intermediaries and a customer support centre 24x7.
  • . Being highly results-orientated.

Tecsidel Logistics Systems give a complete cover and are a secure option:

  • . They are orientated to achieving better performance.
  • . They provide predictability, traceability and visibility to the operations of customers.
  • . They comprise smart systems and technologies for the planning, operational management and simulation in plants, warehouses, yards and transport.
  • . They allow sectorial configurations and are complemented with modules to cover specific aspects.

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