Container Yard Management

SP DEPOT is the modular system of Tecsidel and Solport specializing in the management of commercial, administrative and operational processes of container yards. It covers the complete cycle, including the gate in/out, bookings, container inspections, washing, repairs and other internal tasks.

The solution manages the stocks (including spare parts) and the workflows of cost estimates and billing. SP DEPOT integrates with shipping lines by EDI messaging, and has a web portal that streamlines the paperwork of customers.

The execution of physical operations is the task of SEGA DPO. The depot is organised into different storage areas and internal tasks, structured in locations. The system optimises the activities of the reach stackers and other internal loading vehicles and updates the locations of the containers handled in real time. Thus, the tasks carried out by each vehicle and operator are recorded and there is full traceability.

This operational task is done without papers or radio communication: the operators perform the field tasks in real time from Android or mobile terminals in their reach stackers. Therefore the information is 100% reliable.

In large volume depots, truck entry and exit can be automated and queueing and parking flows controlled. The SEGA LTM module integrates OCR technology to identify licence plates and containers with RFID tags or PMVs to streamline operations.

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