Optimization of Operations

Tecsidel offers minimally complex solutions focused on the optimisation of operational processes to increase productivity, compact space, reduce errors and increase security. These are smart systems that integrate perfectly with the customer’s own management systems (such as ERP or WMS).

Through SEGA OES (Operation Execution System), Tecsidel is able to support the optimised execution of material movements in the warehouse.

Tecsidel has technologies for automated identification, data capture as well as transport and warehouse automation.


The SEGA WCS (Warehouse Control System) allows coordination of the subsystems that comprise an automated facility using its own native protocols: mini-loads, automated pallet warehouses, carousels, sorters, transport systems, loading and unloading, etcetera. This Tecsidel solution manages the sequence of the movements and takes care of optimisations, thereby avoiding complex ERP/WMS changes.

Additionally, this system provides high design flexibility so that customers can build a customised solution, freely selecting the best components from each supplier, thereby optimising productivity and costs.


Tecsidel SEGA PTL is the most versatile light-guided operation system in the industry. With this system, productivity is higher at the order preparation stations (Pick to Light), at the product sorting stations (Put to Light), and at the multi-order carts. The illuminated quantity displayed to be prepared reduces error to negligible amounts while a correct inventory is always achieved.

More information on SEGA PTL


Voice-directed operation systems, such as the SEGA PTV, are a highly efficient and convenient method of preparing orders (Pick/Put to Voice): operators listen to the instructions and verbally confirm each step of the operation.

With this solution, operators are highly productive and the error rate is greatly reduced since hands are free and operators have a clear view. Tecsidel SEGA PTV integrates perfectly with any ERP or WMS system and installation is simple and rapid.


The SEGA RF solution uses radio frequency technology to execute the operations necessary across mobile terminals with a screen and bar code reader. These terminals are connected via Wi-Fi for online updating of information. The Tecsidel SEGA RF adapts to all kinds of reception operations, quality control, order preparation or any process that might benefit from mobility.

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