Simulation of Operations

SEGA SIM is the Tecsidel’s system of simulating logistics processes the purpose of which is to reduce time, cost and risk. With this smart solution, the computer and physical design of any future logistics facility can be integrally validated.

SEGA SIM is a process simulator focussed entirely on the reality of a project: it helps to validate the behaviour of the layout, the facilities, the processes envisaged with real orders and the actual productivity of operators. Additionally, the system can consider design or business limitations, complex sequencing logic that would be impossible to reproduce with other tools such as Excel.

Once an automated system has been built, Tecsidel has SEGA VTE, the solution that can shorten the start-up of automated operations. This leading edge system provides an environment in which to test all the logic and interfaces of the operation management system, virtualizing resources, operators and facilities. It serves to be able to validate new versions of operations software and the effectiveness of improved algorithms, and so forth.

SEGA SIM and SEGA VTE share strategies to give practical visibility to the simulations. The KPIs are visible during the simulation and, on finishing, complete Excel files on the detailed activity of all the facility’s points and resources is generated.

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