Transport Management

SEGA TMS is the Tecsidel smart solution for optimal transportation management that allows customers to:

  • . Manage transport providers, assign orders, do correct follow-ups and manage self-billing.
  • . Keep the deliveries status, the availability of the transport fleet and the current incidents status updated.
  • . Reduce delivery error, measure service quality and simplify administrative flows.
  • . Manage delivery routes, the dimensional weight of trucks and loads, pre-scheduled deliveries and study of standard and historical times.
  • . Plan collection and delivery missions; returnable and returned products.
  • . Monitor in real time the activity of the transport fleet and the status of progress of its activities.
  • . Interact with transporters by handheld devices (GPS/ 3G, screen, scanner or printer).

SEGA TMS can integrate with the information systems of agencies and transporters as well with the customer’s ERP and WMS. Additionally, with its pre-payment rate list, the characteristics of each service and the requirements of the shipment, SEGA TMS allows the selection of a lower cost service for each of the shipments to be made.

This smart solution has the WINROUTE module by virtue of which the routes of the fleet trucks can be planned via a smart assignation of the shipments. Thus, distances and times are optimised, thereby improving the service to the end customer.

Customers can at all times control the progress of their fleet’s distribution process thanks to the SEGA DMS control centre. Truck drivers, equipped with mobile GPS and 3G/4G devices, can confirm the loading and unloading of each shipment in real time. Moreover, with this Tecsidel solution, drivers can process the delivery documentation while communicating any incident for a rapid solution.

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