Supply Chain Planning

To complete the cover of supply chain management, Tecsidel has smart solutions for optimising inventories and planning stocks and replenishments by means of consulting and customisation of the SO99+ tools of Tools Group. This complete and practical solution integrates with the customer’s ERP and WMS operational systems, thereby enabling the definition and integration of dashboards and reporting systems.

Demand Planning

The SO99+ Demand solution shapes demand while making predictions in a highly automated manner. It detects seasonality and has leading edge functionalities such as promotions and collaborative forecasting. It is the starting point for reducing inventories and enhancing service levels.

Inventory Optimisation

The SO99+ Inventory solution rapidly and automatically plans and optimises the stock-service binomial for each point of its distribution network. Thus, the inventory is reduced significantly and the level of service provided to customers is enhanced.

Replenishment Optimisation

The SO99+ Replenishment solution automatically calculates production and procurement needs. Thus, the solution generates the replenishment plans to maintain optimal stock levels at each point of the chain taking its capacities into account.

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