Tecsidel and Arteris sign a renovation project on 5 highways in Brazil

In September 2016, Tecsidel was awarded the Arteris renovation project, which will start soon on 5 highways in Brazil. Arteris manages and operates 9 highway concessions in Brazil, totalling 3,250 kilometres in the States of São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, Santa Catarina and Paraná. Arteris is consolidated as the largest highway operator in the country.


The project that Tecsidel has signed consists of the supply, deployment, configuration and customization of software and hardware in level 1 (lane) and 2 (plaza). In addition, it includes the services of staff training and maintenance of the toll collection system.


This large-scale project will be carried out on the following highways:

- Litoral Sul - connecting Joinville with Santa Catarina (405.97 Km): 5 plazas and 128 lanes

- Planalto sul - connecting Rio Negro with Paraná (412,700 Km): 5 plazas and 62 lanes

- Régis Bittencourt - connecting Registro with São Paulo (401,600 Km): 6 plazas and 126 lanes

- Fernão Dias - connecting Pouso Alegre with Minas Gerais (562,100 Km): 9 plazas and 161 lanes

- Fluminense - connecting Rio Bonito with Rio de Janeiro (320,100 Km): 5 plazas and 81 lanes


The toll system is open and the collection fare is based on the number of axles of the vehicle. Because of this, Tecsidel will implement RFId and DSRC technologies to read TAGs and get the vehicle information to automatically calculate the correct fare. 


The 558 lanes covered by the Arteris project are divided into:

- 364 Manual lanes: this is a Stop & Go toll system whose accepted payment methods are cash, coupons, toll vouchers, checks and TAGs.

- 129 Automatic lanes: vehicles use the electronic payment through TAG (antenna) with no need to stop in the plaza.

- 8 Mixed lanes: these combine the manual and automatic systems described above.

- 57 Auxiliary lanes: these lanes are twice the width of a conventional lane and are used for vehicles with special dimensions.


The Arteris project is planned to be completed in May 2018.

It is important to mention that thanks to this project, Tecsidel reaches 48% share of the Brazilian market, making it the absolute leader with more than 1,500 lanes throughout the country.

Tecsidel signs the Toll System Project for Palmillas – Apaseo El Grande highway in Mexico

Tecsidel and Actica have signed an agreement to start the Toll System Project for Palmillas - Apaseo El Grande highway in Mexico. Tecsidel will manage the supply and implementation of the toll system. The proposed solution comprises plazas and lanes with a toll system on three levels: lane, plaza and control center. The control center level includes:

• BackOffice

• Application for Validations Center

• Monitoring and Control System

For Palmillas - Apaseo El Grande highway Tecsidel will implement a mixed toll system that combines an open toll system with a closed toll system.

The closed toll system is designed to charge the user a proportional fee to the distance traveled.According to the current method, the user receives a physical ticket on the entry lane, which contains information about inbound traffic (station, date, time, etc.). The control ticket allows confirmation of the journey when the user delivers it in any of the possible highway exits, paying the corresponding fee amount depending on the kilometers that the user has traveled, with cash, bank card or TAG.

To determine the fee for a TAG device user, we will use the TAG reading of the entry point and the plate recognition by using OCR, with no need for a ticket. It is a flexible pricing system where each user pays the corresponding amount depending on the distance traveled, as well as from allowing control of all vehicles.


An open toll system approach will be made in certain stations on the highway trunk and in some access branches. This system is required to pay a fixed amount when the user passes by every control point, depending only on the type of vehicle and number of axes.

The vehicle classification will be done by laser scanner and photocell optical solutions that provide the following information with an accuracy of 99.9%:

  • Number of vehicles (count)

  • Maximum vehicle height

  • Vehicle width

  • Length and vehicle speed (calculated)

  • Start and end detection vehicle

The payment methods will be cash, credit or debit card and Multiprotocol TAG's from Mexico.

One of the reasons why Actica has chosen Tecsidel is due to its previous experience in Mexico and recent success cases in Panama, Peru, Guatemala and Argentina.

Tecsidel signs SPV Toll project for Pedemontana Veneta road

Tecsidel Toll Systems & ITS has recently signed the SPV Toll project with SIS SCpA, involving the installation of a closed, interconnected and multimodal toll system in ‘Superstrada a Pedaggio Pedemontana Veneta’.

This project consists of 124 toll lanes, a control system for 20 plazas and a complete Backoffice. SIS SCpA has chosen Tecsidel as the toll systems integrator for this complex project thanks to its 37 years of worldwide experience in Toll & ITS systems integration.

The SPV is a closed toll system with 47 entry lanes and 77 exit lanes, and 20 plazas. Once a vehicle enters the toll road, the entry is recorded and payment is calculated and collected at the point of departure, according to the total distance travelled.

The SPV is interconnected with A4 Milano - Venezia, A31 Valdastico and A27 Venezia - Belluno. This means a vehicle can enter an SPV toll and leave through an interconnected highway, even if this zone belongs to another concessionaire; and vice versa.

The Tecsidel system will allow SPV concessionaire to offer different types of payment to users, such as  Automatic Toll Payment Machines (ATPM) that accept various payment options: cash, credit card, Bancomat, FastPay, VIACARD, Telepass and MobiSis, ISO card subscribers, Calypso and Mifare Smart card, etc., electronic tolling (integrated in Telepass network) and manual tolling.

In Italy, toll collection systemshave significantly evolved in recent decades, in both their technological and functional aspect. Tecsidel has a wide experience in electronic payments and Backoffice solutions; another reason why SIS SCpA has decided to rely on Tecsidel, a foreign toll systems integrator.

Once again, Tecsidel has proven itself as a key international player in multimodal toll systems.

It is good to remember that the first highway was built in Italy, in 1924, between Milan and Varese. Now it takes part of A8 and A9 highways.

The project signing took place in Italy, at the beginning of April 2016.

Tecsidels classification system in Torghatten

By the end of 2015 Tecsidel was awarded for its first single gantry project in Torghatten (Norway), the Horten Moss ferry station. The project is managed by B&T Signaal and consists in a single gantry solution equipped with three lasers per lane that will make length based classification of the vehicles.

This single gantry solution involves a challenging classification system of up to 9 different types (length based) and with a margin of error of +/- 3 cm for the classification of vehicles. It is capable of working in stop and go conditions.

This innovative solution also knows exactly where the vehicle is and performs a complete tracking from the moment it enters the lane until it is fully classified. In addition, the classification system has self-learning mechanisms for the constant improvement in the performance. This is a breakthrough characteristic that as soon as the system has acquired some real data, will make it more precise and accurate.

This project also includes our developed Automatic Toll Payment Machine (ATPM). The fully automated, economically designed terminal allows various tasks like toll fee collection, entry ticket issuing and access point functions.

With this project, consisting of 2 plazas and 6 lanes, Tecsidel is settled even more in this niche market of toll and collection systems in Scandinavian countries.

New Tecsidel Free Flow system in Norway

Once again, Tecsidel has won a tender with quality, reliability and price in the northern country. NPRA has ordered 11 new charging points with 26 Free-Flow lanes, located all over Norway. Equipped with the latest technology, these systems are not only a benefit for the companies in regard of maintenance and operating costs, but also for the environment.There is no need for the vehicles to stop and go on-site.

The 4 toll projects will be installed on highways in the north, east and south Norwegian regions: E18 Knapstad – Retvet, E18 Riksgrensen-Orje (Ostfold), E18 Bommestad (Vesfold), E6 Helgeland sor (Nordland) and Fv. 17 Godoystraumen (Nordland).

The Free Flow tolling system is an automatic toll collection system for roads, highways and city access which does not affect the normal traffic flow of vehicles when cross the charging point. This is also a major benefit for the environment. Tecsidel has already successfully implemented these systems in various countries and cities, e.g. Sweden and Norway. Now, we offer one single gantry, equipped with state-of-the-art cameras and lasers, as requested by our customers, to reduce costs and maintenance. 

Tecsidels Toll Payment Machines in France

A new order from France took place by our long-standing customers APRR (Autoroutes Paris Rhin Rhône) and ATMB (Autoroutes et Tunnel du Mon-Blanc), for our state-of-the-art payment machines.

This flexible terminal is our very own product, equipped with engineering experience of more than 35 years. The fully automated, economically designed terminals allows various tasks like fee toll collection, entry ticket issuing and access point functions. All payment methods, cash or non-cash, are accepted. The system can be customized and adjusted with features according to our client request.

The new machines, all in all 13 units, will be set up within the first half of 2016 along various highways as A5 Paris – Langres or A71 Bourges – Clermont-Ferrand.

Madden Colon is being modernize by Tecsidel

The private concession road in Panama, linking Panama to Colón, is being renewed by Tecsidel. The concessionary, Madden Colon was looking to modernize by upgrading all lanes in the toll station and replacing their back office system with a Tecsidel Back Office solution.

The Tecsidel Back Office is currently the most flexible solution on the market, with a personalized interface that allows remote access through a web browser. The communication among all levels and components of the systems is based on modern and standardized techniques eg. XML, SOAP and Web Services, all ensuring the secure handling of data within a renovation project.

Tamoios contracts a 3-toll plaza installation

On 18 April 2015, in order to improve and modernize the route to the North Coast of São Paulo, the Tamoios concessionaire took on the operation and maintenance of the Tamoios Highway, linking São José dos Campos to Caraguatatuba and São Sebastião.

The roads under concession are: Plateau, Serra and access Roads, for a total of 119.05 km. In the future the concession will also include the region close to the cities of Caraguatatuba and São Sebastião.

Toll plazas will be located on the Plateau stretch and Caraguatatuba province.

The Tamoios Concessionaire belongs to the Brazilian Queiroz Galvão Group. With 60 years of experience in various business, the group provides high quality of work, goods and services. Moreover, it is committed to the development of Brazil national infrastructure, specifically in the area of road works.

Tecsidel MEP Solution is implemented in Perú

Tecsidel MEP (Medio Electrónico de Pago), which will be deployed in Peru adding a new important reference for this solution, is an electronic payment manager system for the commercialization of TAGs, tags inventory, customer billing, contracts and transactions management and other services to concessionaires. In this project in Peru, Tecsidel has implemented a 100% website platform which handles, in this first phase, over 2 million customers for a single toll concession Rutas de Lima, with the possibility to integrate, in future, a multi-concession.

Tecsidel MEP consists of a series of functional & indispensable modules managing: Configuration (system parameters relating to user and operator access), Services (fees and discounts), Contracts (account registration and maintenance), Transactions (financial management of the concessionaire companies and their invoices), TAGs inventory (follow-up of the TAG life cycle), List (up-to-date lists of approved TAGs).

The TAG is the first means of payment managed throught the MEP. The systems are designed to operate under two options, postpaid and prepaid with manual or automatic refills. The user can choose in which want to register.

The Systems can be accessed through two public portals: once for users with the tags sales processing, customer services, a customized area to consult consumption and transit; and another for the concessionaries in which you will be able to manage transit by contract and global finances.

Finally with the information management module can be managed all the entities of the system, including the ones from MEP.

Pinkcity Expressway relies on Tecsidel Solution

Tecsidel continues to reap success in India with the award of a new project for the upgrade of three toll plazas located on the NH-8 which are maintained by Pink City Expressway. Pink City Expressway Private Limited (PCEPL) has been assigned the task of six lanes of NH-8 from Km 42.70 to Km 273 in the state of Haryana and Rajasthan and this further assigned work with confidence on the Tecsidel solution, another addition to our growing worldwide Portfolio.

The project covers the supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of software and hardware for the toll plazas. Also, the project incorporates integration of weigh in motion system that is being installed at Sahajanpura, Manoharpura and Daulatpura Toll plazas.

During this month of January, representatives of both companies have gathered in our Barcelona headquarters for the FAT (Factory Acceptance Test), stage preceeding the installation and commissioning of the system. Pinkcity Expressways team appreciated the hardware and software solutions being made by Tecsidel and implemented swiftly Increasingly, Tecsidel India takes on an ever-increasing number of projects of this size. It consolidates its business in the country, capitalizing on the ability of our team to adapt and meet the needs of different markets.